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More reasons I buy organic…

As I was reading my recent Clean Eating magazine issue January/February 2016, I read more eye opening information on GMOs. I became more knowledgeable about the food industry and what is actually being produced when I was pregnant. I am a methodical person and I research everything.  One of the books I read was Raising Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene, this started my interest to know what my husband and I were eating and I began to question what should I feed my baby when the time came. Since then, I have read a few books, articles and watched documentaries on the topic and I cannot express enough how important of a topic this is. I try my best to always purchase organic foods; most of my shopping trip to the grocery store is spent in the produce and dairy departments. I buy raw milk, eggs, grass fed beef, and occasionally pork from a local Amish farmer. You will not find any box type food in my pantry or freezer. We plant a garden every year and I also visit the local farmer’s market weekly, when it’s available.

Back to the article, if you do not know anything about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) I highly encourage you to read this article. This is one of the best well rounded highly informative articles I have read. It provides more detailed information about the harmful effects of the chemicals found in the plants that are being processed into food. If you prefer to watch rather than read I would suggest the GMO OMG documentary.

One of the reasons I began this blog, was to share my opinion on this very topic and I hope to provide more information to others who care about what they are eating and how eating effects their quality of life now and in the future. I believe we all have a right to know exactly what we are eating, and hope that we can all have accurate labels depicting whether or not the ingredients contained in the food products are GMO or NON-GMO. 


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